What You Need To Know About Full Mouth Restorations

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A full mouth restoration is a form of cosmetic dentistry that will not only give someone a radiant smile but will help restore the oral health of our mouth. The reasons a person can have full-mouth restoration done range from tooth decay, missing teeth and gum disease these can lead not only to further health problems for the mouth but for a person’s overall health as well.

Mouth Assessment

Before even going to the full-mouth restoration itself a person will have to undergo several assessments of their mouth. That would include having several tests done on the jawbone. These tell the dentist not only the current condition of the mouth but what is required to bring it back to complete restoration. These are key to the process because no two sets of teeth are exactly alike.

Types of treatments involved

This is called full mouth restoration for a reason, it can be a long drawn out process and has several different types of procedures that are a part of it. Not all these treatments will be needed for all patients because different mouths will have different needs but at least one if not more could apply.

Single teeth implants: Basically implants that are placed in the space where teeth have been removed or have fallen out to help bridge that gap.

Dental crowns: Used primarily after a root canal is done to protect the tooth even further after the costly procedure is completed. In a restoration, these can be done to help protect existing teeth that have sustained some damage.

All on 4 Implants: These are used for those patients who have extensive damage in their mouths. These implants provide even more overall mouth coverage.

Invisalign: The clear braces are used in this treatment as a way to strengthen existing teeth and their roots.

Time and Expense of Full Mouth Restoration

Let’s face it the above treatments alone aren’t cheap. So, when we start putting them together the cost can really start to add up. The average cost of a single implant in the United States can cost around a couple thousand dollars. A full mouth restoration can be well over 40 thousand dollars. Yes, dental insurance can absorb some of the cost but there will still be some out of pocket cost that an individual would have to take into consideration. If that’s not enough there is the time it will take to go through the process. Given the number of treatments, it could require this won’t be just one trip to the dentist and all done. it could require numerous trips and time out of a person’s schedule to have completed.

So, no doubt there is a whole lot to think about when considering full mouth restoration. The main question perhaps is would all the trouble be worth it? For those of us who want a complete mouth of teeth and a radiant smile the answer would be yes, it is worth the trouble, time and expense in the long run. Here are 5 qualities to look for in a cosmetic dentist.

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