Invisalign in Anchorage AK


Invisalign® Clear Braces for Adults

Are you looking for an Invisalign dentist in Anchorage? Huffman Family Dentistry offers this popular and effective clear braces option for adults and teens.

What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign is a custom orthodontic treatment that gradually straightens your smile. A series of clear, removable aligners straighten your teeth without fixed brackets or wires. Depending on the extent of your treatment, the entire process usually lasts anywhere between six to 24 months.

Simply wear your virtually invisible aligners for 20+ hours per day and gradually see your teeth reposition into a pleasing, straighter smile! Instead of uncomfortable adjustment visits like with traditional braces, you simply change your aligners out every two weeks to progress your treatment.

The Advantage of Clear Aligners

With Invisalign, our Anchorage patients can:

  • Remove their braces to enjoy all of their favorite foods
  • Easily brush and floss without extra effort
  • Straighten their teeth without other people realizing they’re wearing braces
  • Eliminate the discomfort associated with conventional treatments

What To Expect

At Huffman Family Dentistry, your Invisalign consultation will involve a set of 3D scans and images that Invisalign labs use to create an animated treatment plan of what your treatment will look like. This plan also includes the estimated duration of your treatment.

Once you’ve had a chance to virtually experience what the process will look like, you can decide whether or not you want to move forward with the treatment.

If Invisalign is right for you, you will wear a set of aligners for approximately two weeks at a time, changing them out to advance your treatment. Since no adjustments are necessary, your trips to our Anchorage Invisalign office are fewer and shorter than if you wore regular braces.

  • We will explain the entire Invisalign process clearly
  • Invisalign is a fantastic alternative to traditional braces
  • Hundreds of 5-star Invisalign reviews can be found all over the Internet
  • Clear braces like Invisalign can be affordable, just give us a call for more information on costs
  • You don’t need to visit an Orthodontic Specialist to get Invisalign!

Who Is A Candidate For Invisalign?

Most of our Invisalign patients are adults with minor tooth misalignment, or who had braces as a teenager but whose teeth have since relapsed into their previous positions. For treatment involving more significant structural changes, traditional braces may be a better option.

Call us or fill out our contact form today to schedule a consultation. Affordable financing and monthly payment plans are available — just ask!

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