What questions to ask a new dentist

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How Long Has The Office Been Open

New dentist offices don’t have many reviews for you to go off. They also have problems with scheduling and space because they are still trying to get everything organized. New offices can still bring in clients with a well-known dentist. The dentist’s clients will follow to the new office. Offices that have been around longer will have built relationships and a working system in place. When you choose a new office, you are taking a chance because you don’t know anything about the office.

Does The Dentist See Children And Kids

The answer to this questing can be a deciding factor. Some people only want to see a dentist who sees children as well. They can visit the dentist, and their kids can visit the dentist as well. Parents feel more comfortable sending their kids to a dentist they have been serviced by themselves. Other people would prefer not to be serviced by a dentist’s office that sees children too. They don’t want to deal with sitting in a waiting area with kids and kids’ toys all around. Learn more about how large families afford dental care.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Appointment

The dentist’s offices are busy. It can take a long time or a short time to get an appointment. If you have a problem you need to be fixed right away, you’re not going to go to a dentist that takes long. If you have a problem that isn’t as urgent, you will be willing to wait longer. Clients don’t want to wait a month before they can get scheduled. It is important to ask the question so you can know before you decide on a dentist.

How is The Patient Service

Patient service will make a great dentist’s office a bad one. You could have the best dentist, but if your staff doesn’t take care of the patients, it doesn’t matter. The dentist does all the oral work, and the staff in the lobby does the rest. When you walk in a dentist’s office, you are greeted by the staff, not the dentist. They are there to make you feel comfortable and help with any concerns you have. A staff that doesn’t service the patients can cause the office to lose clients.

Office Hours

Office hours are usually set times for the dentist’s office. Some offices open later and close earlier and vice versa. You need to ask this question to make sure the office hours are compatible with your schedule. The dentist’s office is closed during the weekend so you will have to plan your appointment around your weekly duties. Even if you have to be rescheduled last minute, you know it will be a time that you are available. You need to know the office hours so you can schedule your appointments accordingly.


The questions you ask your new dentist are to make sure they are a good fit for you. You can do all the research you want but until you talk to the dentist and ask the right questions. You won’t have answers to all of your concerns. 

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