Huffman Family Dentistry Announces the Availability of Implant Dentistry

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Anchorage, AK: Dr. Andrew Newman alerts patients that replacing missing teeth with implants is an excellent method for achieving natural-looking results. It is available at Huffman Family Dentistry whether you are missing only one tooth or need to replace several teeth in your mouth.

Dental implants look like the real thing. They also feel like real teeth in your mouth. Therefore, they are a permanent solution when you struggle with the loss of teeth. In the past, a bridge or dentures were your only options. However, this is no longer the case.

Unlike with these prostheses, you can speak normally and chew foods like you always do. There is no fear of suddenly feeling loosening dentures or having something in your mouth shift in mid-sentence. Similarly, you do not have to remove and clean any prosthetic. Dental implants become permanent teeth in your mouth.

Modern Technology Advances Dental Implant Procedures for Less Discomfort

Dr. Newman is a firm believer in applying the latest available technology to the task. In this case, this means laser-assisted treatments. In the past, doctors would have to make larger incisions that they then sutured. With laser technology, it is possible to target the incision and sterilize the area in the process.

As a result, this type of dental implant surgery is far less invasive. There is no need for sutures. Therefore, you have less discomfort and a far lower risk of developing an infection. Most importantly, it only takes a short three to four months for the implant area to heal and integrate with your bone material. You then receive your permanent crown, which completes the dental implant process and leaves you with a natural-looking smile.

Other Services the Huffman Clinic Offers

Implant dentistry is the latest addition to the comprehensive range of dental services the clinic provides to patients. The staple of care consists of preventative services that help your mouth look and feel healthy. Dental care for patients of all ages makes this an office that caters to pediatric patients as well as their parents.

Helping patients improve their self-esteem and oral health with smile makeovers is another one of the clinic’s practice areas. Frequently, these interventions restore your confidence to smile, laugh, and chew with abandon. Possible treatments include the removal of metal fillings in favor of tooth-colored products.

Frequently, patients also request teeth whitening to restore a beautiful smile. Daily foods and drinks quickly dull the appearance of enamel, which whitening can bring back. Patients also benefit from composite bonding that lets the doctor reshape a tooth to a natural look or make up for a chipped edge. When the tooth is in good health, there is no need for a more invasive procedure.

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