Huffman Family Dentistry Announces New Options for Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Since Dr. Peterson first opened the Huffman Family Dentistry clinic in 1985, patients have been receiving quality dental treatment, including crowns and bridges. Now, Dr. Weaver and Dr. Newman continue that legacy as they use advanced dental technology to provide patients with top-quality crowns and bridges at the leading dental clinic in Anchorage, Alaska.

Dental crowns are used to preserve teeth that are compromised by issues such as extensive decay or fractures. Our dentists take their time to carefully examine each patient to determine the extent of the issues causing pain or aesthetic concerns. When possible, our first choice is to help patients avoid extractions. One way to do this is by using dental crowns to cover weakened enamel and reinforce the tooth. Retaining your original teeth helps to maintain the structure of your jaw bone as well as the alignment of your teeth.

In cases where extraction is inevitable, dental bridges are used. Because our dentists feel this is the best tooth replacement option, it is included in every extraction treatment plan. A dental bridge is also an option for patients who are missing teeth from a previous issue. Bridges are similar to crowns; however, a dental bridge typically covers a minimum of three teeth.

A bridge involves placing a crown on each of the teeth adjacent to the gap created by missing teeth. A false tooth is attached to the crowns so that it fills in the open space, gently resting on the gum. The bridge is so realistic, it is nearly undetectable. Bridges and crowns are held in place using dental cement. This secure placement allows patients to eat normally and perform daily oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing.

We also offer the option of dental implant posts for the placement of bridges for a more permanent and secure tooth replacement option. This procedure is available when there are one or several teeth missing. For patients with issues keeping their bridge securely in place in their mouths, this option is the solution.

In most cases, a dental crown or bridge is placed during two visits. During the first visit, we use the latest technology to take measurements and impressions of your mouth. The lab uses that information to create the most natural-looking teeth replacements possible. We consider the fabrication of crowns and bridges a form of art, just like many other cosmetic dentistry procedures. That’s why both of our dentists spend time with their patients to carefully color match the patient’s crown or bridge. At Huffman Family Dentistry, our goal is to provide every patient with a smile that looks and feels better than when they first came through our doors.

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