How Long Will You Be Required to Wear Invisalign Braces?

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The length of time which you are required to wear your Invisalign braces will greatly depend on your specific needs and what needs to happen to your teeth. Some people have to go through more sets of trays and others need fewer sets. Your dentist/orthodontist can discuss with you exactly how long you will have to wear your aligners for and what you can expect while you are wearing the aligners.

The Typical Treatment Cycle:

The average Invisalign patient will need to wear Invisalign for about 12 months for their total treatment. The average treatment cycle might run about a year, but some people; may experience shorter treatment periods or longer cycles depending on your personal needs. Patients who have a more mild case of their condition may be able to get treated in as few as 6 months, while a few select cases may take 18 months to 2 years to fully treat. Your dentist/orthodontist will be able to better help you determine the length of treatment that meets your needs.

What Treatment Involves:

Your treatment will usually require you to wear a set of trays that everyone will change very 2 weeks. Each try changes the position of the teeth slightly to help them become more aligned and straightened. You will want to wear the trays for 22 to 23 hours per day (or as much as possible) to ensure that they work as best they can to straighten your teeth.

However, you should remove your trays when you eat as well as when you continue your normal routine to brush/floss. However, don’t forget to wear them as much as possible throughout the rest of the day so that they have the maximum effect and make your treatment work for you.

Beware of Staining:

The only thing that people need to be aware of is the staining factor that can occur when you wear the same retainers for 2 weeks at a time and for 22 to 23 hours per day. If you like to drink teas, coffees, sodas, or other drinks with your aligners in, they will stain and give your teeth that gross off-white look you dread. Bright lipsticks and lipglosses can also leave stains on your aligners. Other nuisances that might present themselves include wearing chapsticks or even clear glosses, not because they will stain your aligners but they do leave greasy residues.

You also have to be disciplined enough to wear the aligners long enough each day or you won’t likely get the full results you paid for. Learn more about the history of clear braces.


Invisalign can provide a great alternative in oral hygiene and allowing you to eat the foods you want. However, you do have to be disciplined to wear them regularly and be aware of any staining that may occur thanks to wearing them for long periods of time each day. Talk with your doctor can help ensure if they are the proper fit for you and to help you determine a treatment plan.

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