Does Dental Insurance Pay for Invisalign?

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Invisalign is a growing trend among teens and adults alike who choose not to wear the more obvious form of dental correction in metal (or clear hard plastic) braces. Invisalign is a series of trays that are custom made for the patient’s mouth and are changed out every two weeks for the same teeth-straightening purposes.

However, just like braces, Invisalign can be a fairly expensive treatment for many people to afford. Even with low-interest and flexible monthly payment plans, sometimes the cost for this cosmetic and dental service is simply too much for people to afford.

The question many have is: Does my dental insurance cover the cost of my Invisalign treatment.

The answer will depend on your insurance company. Some plans might offer some assistance in coverage and others might not. Below, we will look at the plans that do indeed offer some assistance in paying for your Invisalign treatment.

Some Plans Contribute to Your Invisalign Treatment:

While many insurance companies consider Invisalign purely “cosmetic, others realize that these types of treatments can help you eat better and maintain better nutrition as well as increase your confidence in yourself and in your smile. You also may have to look to find your Invisalign benefits under “orthodontal” care.

The amount of coverage that you get for Invisalign is going to depend on your specific insurance and your personal situation. Insurance companies vary in the number of benefits they will pay out for you to use for such kinds of treatments.

For example, if you have an HFA or HSA coverage plan, you might get some coverage but it likely won’t be enough. However, some of these plans will help reduce what you pay out of pocket for treatment. Choose a plan that leaves you paying as little as possible.

Look for employer-sponsored or paid plans that your employer might help pay some of the costs to help cover. Whether your plan or your spouse’s (partner’s) plan, choose the one that offers you the most benefits and takes advantage of them accordingly.

Lastly, look into plans that offer interest-free options such as Credit Care where you can make payments as you can afford them and it can get done over time. Other financing options that are made available from your dentist or orthodontist may also be an option for you. Talking to your orthodontist will help you understand the plans that are available for your specific needs.

Check for Discount Programs:

If you commit to a long-term program at a dentist or orthodontist, many of them will offer discounts if you opt to take an entire treatment plan at their practice. While this is not insurance, it can help save you quite a bit of money and is worth inquiring about.

Memberships might be required, but are usually as little as $100/year and if you are going to get treatment in a given year and save up to 20% or more off of your treatment, that $100 fee quickly pays for itself. You continue to save more money in their “exclusive discount club. Here are some tips on finding a suitable Invisalign provider.


There are ways to make Invisalign treatment more affordable to your family. Simply finding an insurance plan that does help cover the cost or enrolling in a discount program can make a world of difference on the average $3000 to $8000 cost that Invisalign usually holds (depending on your location and the location in which you elect to get treatment).

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