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Conventional dental implant therapy can be invasive. That’s why at Huffman Family Dentistry, we offer minimally invasive laser dental implant treatments as part of your smile rehabilitation.

With implants, you can enjoy one of the longest-lasting and reliable types of tooth replacement available in modern dentistry. Utilizing lasers as part of the process makes the experience even better for our patients.

What is Laser Implant Therapy?

During traditional implant placement, a surgical flap is performed, implants are installed into the bone, and the soft tissue is sutured back into place. All of this is uncovered (cut) again later, when the implant is topped off with an abutment and crown.

With laser implant treatments, we use an advanced laser to gently cauterize the gum tissue so that no cutting is necessary. There is no “flap” or additional risk of bacterial infection during the process. No sutures are needed, either. Everything heals far faster without unnecessary discomfort.

In fact, we also use the laser to open the area inside of the bone where your implant is placed. No drilling is required.

With lasers, your implant treatment is:

• Easier
• Faster
• More comfortable

Most of our laser implant patients tell us that the experience is “easier than getting a crown.” After the implant is placed, your gums and bone heal nicely, allowing us to later place ergonomic prosthetics to complete your smile restoration.

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Faster Recovery Without Invasive Surgery

Dental implantAfter the implant is gently placed into the bone, your body will begin to accept the material and develop new bone tissue around it. After a few months of healing time, we will place a permanent restoration on top of your implant abutment, such as a crown, bridge, or denture.

Find out how our advanced tooth replacement options can help you enjoy a new smile without uncomfortable surgical procedures. Call Huffman Family Dentistry in Anchorage today to schedule a laser implant consultation. Financing plans are available!