Dental Implants

The Tooth Replacement Method of Choice!

When it comes to replacing your missing teeth, there’s no better option than dental implants. Implants resemble natural teeth and can be used to replace one or all of your teeth, making them a perfect treatment option for almost anyone.

If missing teeth aren’t replaced, the remaining teeth can drift out of place, causing negative changes in your bite, or even TMJ disorder. Tooth replacements like implants prevent these problems from happening!

Why Choose Implants?

  •       Look and feel just like natural teeth
  •       Offer a permanent solution to tooth loss
  •       Encourage healthy bone levels
  •       You can eat and speak as with natural teeth
  •       Eliminates need for removable prosthetics like dentures
  •       Any number of teeth can be replaced

Minimally-Invasive for Your Comfort and Convenience

At Huffman Family Dentistry, we provide exceptional implant services through advanced laser technology, ensuring your treatment is minimally invasive and pain-free. Lasers prevent invasive surgical procedures and accelerate healing at the site of the implant placement. They also reduce the risk of infection.

How Implants Work

A titanium artificial tooth root is placed in the jaw in place of the missing tooth. Three-to-four months will then be required for the body to accept the implant root as natural. Your bone tissue will then grow around the implant, securing it.

After the implant is fixed, a permanent porcelain crown will be placed on top of the titanium post. The result? An artificial tooth that looks and feels just like the real thing.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer more benefits than any other dental treatment on the market. Your new smile awaits. Call to learn more about dental implants or to schedule an appointment today.