Getting on the Anchorage Trolley Tour

If you are visiting anchorage, then you want to be able to get around the city and find out the lay of the land. There is perhaps a no better way to do this than to hitch a ride on the Anchorage Trolley Tour. However, you might be wondering where it is located, how to board it, and what to expect once you do. Here is everything you need to know: 

Where to Board 

You can board the Anchorage Trolley Tour outside the log cabin visitors center. This is located on 4th Avenue and F Street, conveniently right downtown. So if you are staying in one of the many downtown hotels or bed and breakfasts in the historic downtown area, you are in luck.

Aboard the Trolley 

Once you are in the Trolley itself, your job is done. You don’t need to work, but rather simply sit back and enjoy the scenery. The trolley is air-conditioned so it maintains comfortable temperatures within the cabin. And there is plenty of comfortable seating for all ages, from babies to elderly family members.
This is not your typical big-city tour, either. The driver has a friendly and local disposition. They will point out important vistas, buildings, and areas of town for you to snap photos of or simply take in with your eyes. Plus, the speaker system means you don’t need to strain to hear them. Furthermore, the driver is friendly and accommodating, helping you answer any questions you might have about Anchorage. On the tour, you are bound to see Huffman Family Dentistry.


How many trolley rides can boast about showing you a moose? If you have never seen one of these majestic creatures, then you are in for a pleasant surprise as you are guaranteed to see one on your journey. In addition to that, the Trolley will show you some more natural areas on the outskirts of Anchorage so that other wildlife sightings are a strong possibility.

Historic Neighborhoods 

Anchorage has plenty of new and exciting architecture to see. However, there is a historic charm about its old buildings. They stand the test of time, being built in the settling days and during the gold rush of the previous century.

Anchorage Museum

This museum offers world-class exhibits. If you are the type who loves to learn about cultures through large, open galleries, then don’t miss this stop. The trolley will take a break to make sure you can soak it all in. Ask the tour guide about the Alyeska Aerial Tram, for future adventures in Anchorage.


There is no shortage of delicious eating to be had in Anchorage. Thanks to its location near the Pacific ocean, a variety of fresh seafood dishes are prepared daily. The fish is caught that morning and you can take your pick from a variety of preparations, from ceviche to stew, to grilled salmon, and more. 

Anchorage is also blessed with mountains and other large areas of nature. This means they catch and cook all kinds of game and wildlife, including moose, bear, deer, and more. No matter what you are in the mood for, the driver will make great recommendations. 

Earthquake Park 

This mysterious park is a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. Its beautiful rock formations and landscaping make it a peaceful and enjoyable place for a picnic, quick picture, or barbecue.

You can appreciate everything Anchorage has to offer when you take advantage of its classic trolley tour. Not only is it safe for the whole family, but it is affordable and fun at the same time. So enjoy one of the many benefits of it above. Then, have a clear understanding of the layout of Anchorage to make the rest of your trip that much more enjoyable.