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Will My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Sedation?

For most people mentioning the word, Dentist brings about feelings of fear and anxiety. In past years sedation has only been used in oral surgery. Now dentists have the option of using sedation to relieve certain patients who experience extreme anxiety. Different...

What is dental sedation?

Most individuals tense with fear at the thought of having their teeth cleaned or would rather suffer the agony of a toothache than to go to the dentist. Many people have such a phobia about the dentist that they prefer not to receive any treatment. Sedation dentistry...

What are the different levels of sedation?

Many adults and kids fear to go to the dentist. Not only do they have anxiety about the tools that will be used but they may also be concerned with how painful it will be. Nowadays there are many different forms of sedation that dentists can use to help dull or...

Does Dental Sedation Make You Fall Asleep?

If you have that much trouble with going to the dentist, there is a way to use anesthesia so that you can spend your procedure or appointment asleep. Anesthesia will make you feel like you will be able to tolerate your appointment fast asleep. Some of us avoid...